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Contribute to saving the planet by purchasing previously-owned cycles!

Recycles Sydney is among the reputed providers of used bicycles in the city and its suburbs. We are a one-stop destination where you can easily find several bikes for sale and quality repair service for cycling equipment. Our company was established in 2010 and since we have bought and sold a host of bikes. It was founded by two friends who share the passion of preserving the environment and providing sustainable transportation options for people.

Our prime aim is to prevent plastic and metal waste as every year tonnes of trash in Australia is dumped in produced and a major portion of it ends up in landfills.

This is very harmful for the environment as this plastic and metal waste takes a long time to degrade and causes the release of toxic chemicals in the environment. This contributes to the pollution in the environment. This plastic and metal waste also affects plants and animals as it transmits diseases to them when they come in contact with it.

At Recycles we offer cost-effective second hand bicycles and economic repairs to commuters in a manner that is as sustainable as possible. Every bike we refurbished is properly serviced. We make sure that you only get the best in quality and comfort with our recycled and refurbished bikes. They will look and feel as good as new when you ride them around town. Plus, we offer a 3 month guarantee so you can buy our products with confidence. We believe in making transportation sustainable because our environment suffers because of emissions from vehicles that run on diesel and petrol. Cycles are safe for our ecosystems and that’ s why we love our work. If you want to sell your bike or buy the used ones, we are the ideal platform for you. For more details, feel free to reach us and know more about the details.


Some Facts

Learn more about Recycles Sydney and Why We Are Awesome!

Australia generated 76 million tonnes of waste & there is a 10% increase since 2016-17.

2.5 million tonnes generated waste was plastic. Cycles have many plastic components.

In 2018-19, over 6.6 tonnes of metal waste was generated which is extremely high.

By Recycling bikes, we contribute to keeping the Earth safe and less polluted.

Our Team

Our team has been building all kinds of bicycle repair for over 20 years

Tony Evans


Kyle Peters


Charlie Mason


Alex McCain

Senior Manager

Our Services

Besides selling used bikes, we offer a plethora of repair and service solutions.

Standard Service

It our package for regularly used bikes that are in good condition and need tuning, aligning trueing, cleaning etc.

Deluxe Service

Extensive repair and service package for bikes that are old or been in storage for years.

Professional Service

For people with electronic bicycles for professional cycling. We offer low cost repair and service.

Bike Cleaning

Avail our bike cleaning service to have a sparkling and well-lubricated cycle for travelling or exercise.

Modification Service

We buy used cycles and modify them. You can buy the refurbished bikes or get your current one modified.


Plan to buy or sell a used bicycle in Sydney? Get in touch with us to get expert advice and solutions.

Our Packages

We aim to provide the best bicycle repair and service packages!

$ 90 /Month

Check, clean and service bikes in good condition

$ 150 /Month

Special repair and service package for old bikes in poor condition.

$ 200 /Month

Service package for professional electronic bikes for competitive sports

$ 100 /Month

Get a membership package to get your bike fixed, washed, and serviced every month.


Here is what our clients have to say about us.

I bought a previously owned bicycle from Recycles Sydney and I am glad I did! They provided me with good products at such a low cost! I travel to work every day on it! Thanks to the team at Recycles!

Susan Chad -

CTO, Fulcrum Design

I often visit Recycles for getting my electronic bike checked and repaired. The people at the shop are always friendly and eager to help. They have modern equipment and experience which makes them different from their competitors.

Jon Lang -

CEO, HW Tech Inc

I bought a previously-owned cycle for my daughter. She loved that her bike was different from others. What’s more, we got it customised to match her personality and make the bike safe. So, it was very happy purchase!

Marilyn Rose -

CEO, HW Tech Inc


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We are among the best used bike sellers & low cost repair providers

A Plethora Of Options To Choose From

Since we have operated and sold previously owned bikes for decades, we offer a wide variety of used bicycles for you to choose from. Our collection is diverse as we sell high end to basic models.

Low Cost Repairs & Multiple Service Packages

Besides offering choices for buying recycled bikes, we also provide our clients with economic repair services and several service packages to get their bikes cleaned, lubricated, trued, and inspected.

We Help Save The Environment

One of the prime reasons why Tony and Kyle started Recycles Sydney was to prevent used bikes from ending up in landfill and add to land pollution. Thus by offering economic bikes and repair options, we help people transport sustainably.


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