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Recycles Sydney is among the leading shops in the city offering a selection of used bicycles at affordable rates. Since our company’s launch in 2010, we have purchased and sold second hand bikes in and around Sydney.

Many times buying a new bicycle is not practical. It is because you are short on funds or you want your children to learn cycling but not damage a new one. Also, people who are aware about the effects of waste produced by humans on the environment may want to buy equipment that is recycled. Whatever your reason is for buying a used cycle, we are glad!

Our company is dedicated to recycling as many bikes as we can to save the planet from land pollution. Every year tonnes of plastic and metal waste is dumped in landfill. Recycling is prevalent but not as much as it should. Therefore, after our founders opened shop, we have made it our mission to reuse cycles whether they are in good condition, old or been in storage for years.

People interested in buying a second-hand bicycle in Sydney can find a plethora of options in our shop. We clean, modify and accessories previously owned cycles to transform them into unique pieces. Every bike we haul is different which is why when you buy a product from us, you cannot find one like it in the market. Thus, instead of having cycling equipment like hundreds others, you have one of a kind.

We refurbish adult and kids cycles to cater to a large client base and we strive to provide a bike to people from all walks of life. The cycles we have transformed and keep on displace in the shop are all ready for immediate buying and hand over. They are serviced and repaired upon arrival at our shop then put for sale.

No cycle we have for sale is put up until our quality assurance experts deem it fit. We want our clients to always have quality products at the best rates. Thus, we offer excellent bicycles and charge for them upfront without hidden costs. At our shop you can find cycling equipment from reputed brands with high-end models. Alternatively, we keep cycles of low to medium costs to cater to clients who want to purchase less expensive models. We have something for everyone.

We encourage our customers to thoroughly inspect the cycles before making a decision and ask us any questions they have. Our representatives are with you throughout your visit to guide and assist.

Buying a second-hand cycle is a good idea for many reasons such as:
  • It helps reduce waste and land pollution
  • You can get a good product way cheaper than a new one
  • There are many more options to choose from
  • You can stay within budget and still end up with a wonderful cycle

If you plan to buy a used bike for yourself or someone else, we are the right place for you. Besides getting a wide variety of cycles we have transformed and refurbished, you can also get repair service at affordable prices. Plus, you can get the cycle customised as per require with add-ons.

At Recycles Sydney, we provide a three month guarantee for all the products we sell. Thus, you can rest assured our cycles are expertly furbished and function optimally. If you still have any doubt, you can inspect them completely before making a purchase.

To know more about buying used bikes or even selling one, please get in touch with us via call, email or post. You are welcome to come and visit our shop at any time during business hours. We are among the best providers of used bikes in Sydney and we guarantee you will find a host of good cycles in excellent conditions.

At Recycles Sydney our aim is to reuse as many bikes as possible to save the environment and help people maintain the healthy habit of cycling without worrying too much about the cost of getting a quality product! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself or a loved one a unique cycle that you or they can cherish for years to come!


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