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Are you or someone you know interested in cycling and plan to purchase a bicycle? We at Recycles Sydney offer a plethora of options. Since 2010, we have sold thousands of used bikes in Sydney and its suburbs like Annandale, Alexandria, Darlington, Erskineville, Glebe, Newtown, and many others. We have emerged as a reckoned name in the industry as we not only sell second hand bicycles but also provide repair services for bicycles. You can get in touch with us for buying or selling a used bike and even get your bikes upgrades, repaired or modified.

Over the years, we have garnered huge positive feedback from the industry and community because we aim to lessen land pollution and reduce the number of cycles that end up in landfills. There are many reasons why recycling bicycles is advantageous. Here are the reasons why you should consider buying a used bike or sell your bicycle to us for recycling.


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When you buy a cycle from a big showroom, the uniqueness factor is absent because most brands mass producing the bikes. But, when you buy a recycled bike, it is unique and you will not find one like it in a commercial showroom. We repair and modify used cycles to make them appear different from other cycles available in markets.
We offer personalised solutions for our customers because we want them to have a bike that is an extension of their personality. It helps us interest customers into buying recycled bikes and provide them with a sustainable transportation option. Plus, most clients find it better to have an economical bike that is unique and accessorised or modified to suit their style.

Buying used bikes in Sydney is economical than purchasing a new one, any day! Many parents come to our shop looking for a good bicycle for their kids and get one that makes their child happy and doesn’t burn a hole in the parent’s pockets.

We also entertain adults who care about the environment and want am affordable cycle to commute to their office, university, college, or other places in the city. At our shop, clients get a variety of cheaper options and they can even pay for them immediately.

By purchasing used bikes from us or any other company selling them, you support a local business. According to industry experts, majority of companies selling second-hand bicycles in Sydney are small businesses. When you purchase a product from us or avail our services, you not only help preserve the environment but also help us run our business successfully.

Without local businesses, our city’s economy cannot continue to thrive like it does. In addition to big corporation in Sydney and the city and its people need small businesses to flourish.

Every year tonnes of waste is produced and thrown into landfills in Australia. Among this waste bicycles are included. The trash not only contains bikes in irreparable condition but also ones that could have been recycled. To avoid good bikes from ending up in landfill, we take and transform them.

It helps us save the environment and ensure there is less land pollution. If you have a cycle you want to sell, we are available for purchasing them. You can bring the bicycle into our shop and we can offer you a deal after thorough inspection. We guarantee to provide an honest review and offer money for the bicycle according to its condition, size, and other factors.

Many people who come to our shop are surprised by the amount of choice. Each product is unique because we transform each and every bicycle that is sold to us. Therefore, instead of having same types of bikes, we offer a plethora of options. What’s more, we are ready to offer customised solutions. Hence, you not only have a selection of bicycles to choose from, you can decide how your bike looks. You can also choose from an array of accessories to make your bike more attuned with your personal style.


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