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At Recycles Sydney, you can get quality bicycle repair and service solutions at the most competitive rates. We offer standard, deluxe and mechanical services depending on client’s requirement. So, if you are thinking of taking out your old bike and start cycling, you should come to us first to repair or service it.

Every bicycle requires tender, love and care which is why you should get the equipment checked regularly especially if you use the bike for travelling and daily exercising. Besides adult bikes, we often repair kids’ cycles because children can damage the equipment more than adults.

Whether your bike is in good condition or in need of serious attention, we can arrange for it to be picked up. We will inspect it thoroughly, remove kinks, repair issues, and ensure the equipment is safe to use and working adequately. You can get in touch with us for repair and servicing of cycles in Sydney and its suburbs.


What We Offer?

Due to the pandemic, we provide pick-up and delivery service for bikes without contact. Thus, your cycle get the care it needs without you having to jeopardise your health. In addition, we offer the following services and solutions at our shop.

  • On site repairs for minor issues
  • Online sale of used bikes
  • Assemble cycles or equipment purchased online at the shop
  • Service and repair electric bikes
  • Restore old bikes
  • Race tune bikes for professional cyclists
  • Clean and add details to bikes to make them as good as new
  • Restore bikes that were in storage for a long time
  • Repair wheels, hydraulics, brakes, spoke tension and other things

Standard Service

Most people who come and visit our shop opt for a standard service. It is the best for cycles in good condition and used regularly by the owners. While rendering this service, our team does the following activities.

  • Inspect and fine-tune gears front and rear derailleur
  • Inspect the cables (gear and brake)
  • Inspect the chain and cassette condition
  • Inspect Bottom bracket and head set
  • Remove wheel and align it
  • Clean and align calliper brakes. Plus check them for wear
  • Inspect the tyres for wear and fill air up to recommended pressure
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Perform a safety check

This service excludes the servicing of hydraulic disc brakes. You can avail the service every six to twelve months depending on how regularly you use your bike.


Deluxe Service

For a thorough inspection and repair of your bike we recommend the deluxe service. It is ideal for old bicycles or ones that that were in storage for a long time. This service package includes the following.

  • Inspect and align gears front and rear derailleur
  • Degrease and clean the drive train then lubricate it again
  • Inspect the cables of gears and brake and replace them if required
  • Inspect the chain and cassette condition and replace them if required
  • Inspect the bottom bracket and head-set. Tighten them and lubricate
  • Clean and align calliper brakes. Plus check them for wear
  • Inspect the wheel and tension spokes
  • Align the wheel on truing stand
  • Inspect and align wheel hub bearings
  • Adjust caliper brakes, check for wear and replace if required
  • Check tyre condition and fill air to recommended pressure
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Wash the bicycle
  • Provide a written report.

At an extra cost of $25 you can get hydraulic disc brakes. Also, you have to pay additionally for suspension and DI2 repairs as they are not a part of this service package.

Professional Bike Repair & Service

Got an electronic bike you use for professional cycling? We can repair and service it for you. At Recycles Sydney, we have a team of trained and experienced personnel along with modern equipment. You can come to our shop and we can do the following for your e-bike.

  • Safely clean and sanitise every electrical contact point
  • Inspect and align the hub gear, chain and gear shifter
  • Inspect and align the brakes
  • Inspect, spot true and check spoke tension on the motor driven wheel
  • Inspect tyre and their pressure

You can avail our services all year round. Just give us a call or come visit the shop during business hours. Our representatives will have a look at the equipment and provide advice accordingly to ensure you get the best services at affordable rates.



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